We celebrate: 1st birthday of our Technikum!

The official opening on 26th April 2018 was a great and successful event for Hamburg Dresdner Maschinenfabriken. We have spent this special day with international customers and partners and - amongst others - followed lectures on the wide field of cocoa & sustainability. The investment of more than 2 million euros represents a milestone in the history of our company.

We are very proud on our Technical Center and during the last year we were able to carry out many internal tests and more than 30 trials with long-standing customers and also new interested partners. These fruitful co-operations were inspiring to us and we are grateful for this trust and involving us into their future projects and being part of this.

To give you a little insight in the daily work of our process engineers and the involved team we want to share the following with you and allow a view behind the scenes on different chocolate, cocoa and nuts&seeds trials.


production of chocolate with artisan line: roasting, removal of shell, grinding and conching with a second trial by lower temperatures

grinding of white chocolate by mixing and refining with the eye on feasibility of grinding white masses

production of different chocolate recipes using whole chocolate line

production of chocolate with the focus on comparison of our different conches


Roasting / Removal of cocoa shells of small-sized cocoa beans with the aim of verifying constant roasting results and removal results

nuts & seeds

Roasting of whole almonds & sliced, hacked and even flaked almonds with the focus on feasibility with small-sized nut chips while little loss of grease

roasting of nuts to find out which roaster is optimal for customers’ purposes

before roasting

after roasting

roasting of sunflower seeds with the customers focus on comparison to competitor machines


grinding of filling masses with a view on finding out minimum possible grinding result


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